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Boat ride on Tarnița and Beliș Lake

Helpful information
⧫ From Raven’s Nest: 2-hour drive / 80 km trip

⧫ Great area to explore during summer

⧫ No special equipment required


Cluj and its surroundings await visitors to explore the best this area has to offer. One of the area’s favorite spots are the Tarnița and Beliș mountain lakes.

Beliș village is located 80 km away from Cluj, having around 1300 inhabitants. Between 1970 and 1974, during the works on the Fântânele dam, the old village has been moved away from its original location in the valley to the nearby hills. 

Today, the whole area is known for fishing and boat rides during summer. Here you can enjoy fish cuisine in a natural landscape.

The Beliș Lake covers what used to be a small mountain village, whose church is still visible in the dry season, while the Tarnița Lake is said to host gigantic water monsters.

Not very far from each other, the two artificial lakes both lay quietly surrounded by the spectacular mountains. Either you prefer to savor the sun in a peaceful ambiance, or you’d rather enjoy a fun ride between the woods, on each of them, a great boat ride awaits.

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