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Colțești Fortress

Helpful information

⧫ From Raven’s Nest – 1-hour drive or 5-6 hours hike over Bedeleu Massif. The hike crosses fields, forests and mountain peaks, medium difficulty, blue and red hiking paths. 

⧫ If you wish to explore the area, you can hike the 5 – 6 hours up to the fortress, and we can pick you up with the car for your trip back. The hiking and driving routes are set one-way for all destinations. 

⧫ Recommended basic hiking equipment, headlamp, water, a snack.

⧫ The natural site can be visited at any time of the year.

⧫ The fortress is located at an altitude of 705 meters, offering a panoramic view of the Trascau Mountains, as well as the Piatra Secuiului Peak (1192 meters).


If you want to get off the beaten track, Transylvania offers a myriad of hidden gems. One of them is a ruin of the Coltesti Fortress, located in Trascău Mountains nearby Rimetea village. The fortress is placed at over 700 meters altitude, on a steep cliff, only 30 minutes on foot from the village of Coltesti.

Once atop the hill, you will be amazed by the panoramic view. This fortress reached its maximum glory in the mid-15th century, but it was built in 1296, by Count Thoroczkay of Trascau, to serve as home and shelter for the whole community in times of war. It was intentionally built on the top of a limestone hill, following the Tartar invasion of 1241, when the towns Rimetea and Colțești were severely damaged.

The medieval bulwark gave rise to some popular legends that talk about a secret tunnel under the hills, or a hidden cellar full of noble wine barrels, even a legend about a strange appearance of Enikö’s ghost (the daughter of Count Thoroczkay), who even nowadays, thirsty for revenge, tries to take the lives of those who climb the hill.

But besides stories and legends, Colțești Fortress is definitely a spectacular ruin with panoramic landscapes. You should definitely conquer the peaks of the Trascău Mountains and immerse yourself into the deep wilderness and the rural landscape.

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