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Dragons’ Gate and Groși Cave

Tags:  caves, natural wonders, hiking, walking distance, Dragons’ Gate, Peștera Groși, Poarta Zmeilor, Grosi Cave

Helpful information

⧫ From Raven’s Nest – 5 – 6 hours hike round-trip. The hike crosses fields, forests and mountain peaks, medium difficulty, blue and red hiking paths. 

⧫ Recommended basic hiking equipment, headlamp (for exploring the cave), water, a snack.

⧫ The natural site can be visited at any time of the year

⧫ There is an observatory wooden deck overlooking the mountains. 



The Dragon’s Gate, along with the Groși Cave are located at an altitude of 1150 meters, in the western Trascau Mountains, on the Bedeleu peak. 


Considered the oldest cave in the Apuseni mountains, this natural stone arch is known as Dragons’ Gate was formed after a part of the nearby cave collapsed due to erosion, leaving behind an archway that reminds of the former galleries. 


The name is given by ancient popular legends, that talk about dragons that once lived in this former stone castle and sometimes took part in the villages’ celebrations. They would take the appearance of human and set eyes on the most beautiful girls, whom they kidnapped at midnight and took to their castle. The villagers were infuriated by these acts and decided to take down the mighty fortress, burning the surrounding forests and destroying everything. The only reminder left is the stone arch and the nearby gallery, Grosi Cave.

After you’ve gazed at the natural sculpture, take the 15 meters path to the small entrance of the cave. You can explore the 125-meter long fossil cave, that will lead you to a succession of halls and corridors, housing gorgeous formations. 


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