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Râmeț Gorges


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⧫ From Raven’s Nest – 50 min drive or 3-4 hours hike. The hike has a medium to high difficulty. A part of the route can only be crossed through knee-level water (in the summertime, when water levels are lower).

⧫ Blue and red hiking paths. 

⧫ Equipment: Basic hiking equipment; proper footwear; wetsuit, but not mandatory as it is recommended to be explored during hot season; climbing equipment for enthusiasts.


The natural reserve that makes up Cheile Râmețului represents the two chalk cut mountains and the gorges, surrounded by forests and meadows. 

Due to the spectacular landscape and special karstic elements that it presents, the Râmeţ Gorges have been declared Geological, Paleontological, and Speleological Reservation since 1969. The reserve consists of limestone massifs since the late Jurassic.

These makeup for one incredible route that takes you from Râmeț monastery to Cheia village. 

The gorges crossing starts pretty spectacular. You are surrounded by high limestone walls, tens of meters high. The course of the Râmeț river, which formed these gorges, is filled with boulders. The further you go, the larger the boulders get. 

The spectacular canyon has altitudes ranging from 530 to 1139 meters high and you will pass through high stone walls and rivers. You’ll also have to use the steel cables attached to make it though.  At the narrowest parts, you can use iron stairs and wires built in the rock. Or much more easily you can walk in the creek.


The Gorges offer many climbing possibilities, on the limestone walls. Keep in mind that you need your full climbing equipment.

The area is also a rich attraction for botanists and ecologists, as it is home to several rare plants and hardwood forests, adapted to live in a diversity of environments. 

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