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Rimetea – The Traditional Hungarian Village

Helpful information

⧫ From Raven’s Nest – 1-hour drive or 5-6 hours hike. The hike crosses fields, forests and mountain peaks, medium difficulty, blue and red hiking paths. 

⧫ Recommended basic hiking equipment, headlamp (for exploring the cave), water, a snack.

⧫ included in UNESCO world heritage

⧫ Activities: trekking, climbing, paragliding.


Rimetea is one of the best-conserved and most beautiful rural attractions in Romania. With its unique heritage and centuries-old history, Rimetea is a traditional Hungarian commune, composed of two villages: Colțești and Rimetea. Located at the base of “Rock of the Szeklers” in an area surrounded by mountains, this was the first village in the country to be granted the Europa Nostra award for the successful preservation of its architectural patrimony. Rimetea was built in the 13th century with the hard work of the miners who were settled here to wrest iron from the depths of the mountains. 

Located in Alba county, it is easily accessible from major cities through the national road that passes all historical objectives or natural wonders in the area. 

Rimetea has been inhabited for more than eight centuries and it is famous for its unique architecture, influenced by several cultures and rich ethnographic heritage. Thanks to restoration programs and local education, the village proudly hosts as many as 200 pristine historical houses (built between the 17th and 19th century), the oldest functional watermill in Apuseni Mountains, ancient churches and many cultural preserved symbols that define the Transylvanian history. There is also an ethnographic museum that hosts a rich collection of traditional art and historical objects.


From pleasure to extreme sports 

The cultural heritage is enriched by the natural wonders around. Piatra Secuiului and Ardașcheia peaks, gorges, caves, and a natural reserve attract many nature enthusiasts. A couple of days are not enough to take in all the history and enjoy the outdoors. Rimetea also attracts the ones who seek adrenaline: you can hike the mountains around, climb the peaks, or go paragliding in a unique setting. 


Whether you’re up for hiking, rock climbing or just relaxing in an enchanting setting, this is a dream location – not only because of the food and landscape but also because of the locals who managed to preserve their unique patrimony.

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