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Scărița Belioara Natural Reserve

Helpful information
⧫ From Raven’s Nest: 1 hour drive to the location / 5-7 hours hike

/ approx. 24 km by car

⧫ Scărița Belioara is a Geo-Botanical Natural Reserve

⧫ A medium difficulty hike route depending on your physical condition.
⧫ No special gear needed. No rock climbing involved.

⧫ Landscape: mountainous, steep hills, country side

The highest altitude is 1,382 m on the Scărița Peak



Hiking to Scărița Belioara in the Apuseni Mountains can be an amazing and unique experience.  

Scărița Belioara is a natural reserve which has many steep stone walls, glacial relicts and a variety of meadows, valleys, hills and plateaus with diverse vegetation and beautiful natural landscapes.

Imagine a scenery where thick forests covering imposing limestone giants.

This natural wonder is home to a diversity of rare plants and animals. Some of them have survived from the cold glacial periods: Gentiana acaulis (stemless gentian), Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala), Nigritella rubra. Other unique species of flowers that you can spot are: Aquilegia nigricans and Lilium martagon.


You will also spot forests with secular pines, spruce and larch. On the Scărița plateau you can find junipers and on the steep slopes and rocks there is the yew (Taxus baccata), a protected species. There are rare fauna elements, such as butterflies, but also the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), the largest raptor bird recorded in Romania that nests on the abrupt cliffs.


Scărița Belioara Natural Reserve is located in Ocoliş and Poşaga villages and it can be visited all year round for those who seek an adventure into the wild.

For energetic hikers, taking the 9 km long hiking route will take you to an altitude of 1350 meters at Șesul Craiului, a superb limestone plateau. The views up there are worth taking the trip.

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