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Șipote Waterfall

Tags: waterfalls, natural wonders, hiking, walking distance, Sipote waterfall, cascada Șipote.

Helpful information

⧫ From Raven’s Nest – 3 – 4 h hike. Easy access. The last part of the waterfall can also be seen from the main road, flowing into the Aries river, just before entering Sălciua Village, coming from Cluj.

⧫ Blue and Red hiking paths.

⧫ Recommended basic hiking equipment, headlamp, water, a snack; red hiking path.

⧫ The natural site can be visited at any time of the year, but water debit is best in spring and autumn. During winter the water freezes up on the mountain, creating unique sights.

Sipote Waterfall is a succession of waterfalls, spanning 1 km long, with the most famous section being the place where it overflows into the Aries river. You can start your trip from Sipote Meadow, from the superior part of the waterfall, and follow the travertine rock, passing along the succession flowing waters. The highest one reaches 15 meters high and the views up top are worth the hike. 

The stunning formation of the waterfalls came after a carstic, long-lasting and complex event in the Bedeleu Massif, that generated spectacular transformations: dolines and steep fields, underwater springs that come to light from the narrowest and hardest of spaces or limestone water dams. The waterfall is formed by an 800 meters mountain creek that streams down in a riverbed from 700 to 430 meters and into the Aries river.  

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