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The Deserted Village of Cheia

Helpful information

⧫ From Raven’s Nest – 3 hours hike. The hike crosses rural landscapes and forests; low to medium difficulty, blue hiking path. 

⧫ Access by car is not possible as the only road has collapsed years ago. 

⧫ Using a mountain bike can be doable.

⧫ More info here: http://clubapuseni.ro/baza-cheia/


Deep in the cone forests of the Apuseni mountains, after walking in a fairy-like natural setting, the first house from the Village of Cheia unveils its historical beauty. The building represents the traditional home for the local inhabitants, the “moți” in the 19th century. Ever since most of its villagers have moved away,  all that’s left in the beautiful village of Cheia are the remains of what was once a community. 

The few houses that still stand form an authentic museum, in which less than a century ago genuine rural life would go on. Frozen in time, away from civilization, with no electricity or roads, the traditional houses now only host memories of the village life.

One of the existing buildings, the old school of the village, was taken into protection by the Apuseni Alpine Club in 1998, to be used as a headquarters for active projects involving ecological surveillance of the area. Overnight stays in the houses is not allowed for safety reasons and also lack of administration. 

Either way, you choose to visit, it is surely a challenge worth taking. You’ll find yourself entering another world, a lost, abandoned one.

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