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Turda Gorges 

Helpful information

⧫ From Raven’s Nest: 1 hour drive / 50 km trip

⧫ Dress for temperatures several degrees lower than in the surrounding uplands, and wear grippy footwear. 

⧫ Pay the entry fee after the first bridge. Fee is 3 RON.

⧫ Camping is forbidden inside the canyon.

⧫ The best period for climbing is from April to October. During very hot or rainy days the routes located inside caves offer a good alternative.
Basic hiking equipment recommended.


Turda Gorges is a natural reserve (on Hășdate River) situated 6 km west of Turda and about 15 km south-east of Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania, Romania. The Gorges are a top playground for mountain climbers and alpinists. You will be amazed by the dramatic natural landscape and the beautiful hiking route in this protected area.


Turda Gorges belongs to the northern part of the Trascău Mountains. The mountains are situated in the south-east part of the Apuseni Mountains, prevailing the Mureşului Valley downstream in junction with the Arieș River. The northern limit is separated from the contact depressions Iara and Hăşdate. 


The diversity of high and steep walls, sharp ridges, rock towers, and caves makes it one of the most beautiful and impressive gorges in Romania. Turzii Gorge resembles the shape of a double funnel and they were formed by the erosion of the Jurassic limestone by Hașdate river. The canyon is 2900 meters long and the walls have heights reaching 300 meters. This trail welcomes explorers for any kind of adventure, especially for climbing. This is one of the most significant climbing sites in Romania. It also played a key role in the development of modern rock climbing in this country. So here you will find rock climbing sites fit for beginners, but also for more advanced climbers. Hikers will definitely not be disappointed if they choose to explore the gorges.


Turzii Gorges has been established as a complex natural reservation. It contains one of the richest and most scenic karst landscapes in Romania. More than 1000 plant and animal species (some of them rare or endangered) were identified and you can spot protected birds of prey, like the Golden Eagle. Keep this in mind while exploring it and treat it with respect.


Hiking Trail

This is a round-trip trail, from and to Turda Gorge Hut, which offers a view of the gorge from the edge of the limestone walls. Along the way, you can enjoy impressive views of both the gorge and the neighboring wall. The trail consists of two symmetrical sections on the two slopes.

Trail details (round trip trail): difficulty – medium; distance – 7,20 km;  ascent – 720m; descent 720m; peak – 756m.



Turzii Gorge offers many limestone climbing possibilities. Multi-pitch routes are predominant, but you can also find many sport routes. From vertical faces to overhanging cave walls. Most of the classic routes are protected with pegs. In some multi-pitch routes, the belays were equipped with bolts.

You can find climbing spots situated conveniently near the tourist trail, but others require longer approaches to more isolated areas.

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